Ear Weights / Hangies - Purple Ice Super Hoops 8mm+ / 0g+ PAIR READY NOW

  • £15.00

PLA superhoops in a shade of deep purple so deep it puts Ritchie Blackmore to shame.

  • PLA and skin-safe resin hook size is ~6mm / 2g, but will only fit in naked piercings over 8mm / 0g. They'll fit in 10mm / 00g earskins, and 11mm / 7/16" thin -walled tunnels.
  • One-sided.
  • Metal used for attaching is silver-plated and nickel-free.
  • Hand-finished and resin-coated.
  • Weight is ~8g per hangy (including hook).
  • Length is ~75mm (including hook).
  • Tunnels are not included.

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