Ear Weights / Hangies: Iron Horned Skull Black Dragon Vein Agate PAIR READY NOW

  • £20.00

These ear weights are made from cold-cast iron and skin-friendly resin, and sport horned skulls with black dragon's vein agate and skull beads.

  • Silver-black resin hook size is 10mm / 00g.
  • Weight is ~23g per hangy (including hook).
  • Length is ~95mm (including hook).
  • You can wear these hangies on their own for short periods, but we recommend that you wear them through either very thin earskins (12mm / <1/2" upwards) or thin-walled tunnels (14mm / 9/16" upwards).
  • Double-sided horned skulls and beads.
  • These hangies look like metal, but they're not! Please do not bend them, treat them as though they were glass and they will serve you well.
  • These were training casts, and have a few small flaws on the hooks and skulls that won't show when worn.
  • Original Horned Skull model by Kenny_Ganya; stl available at the Thingiverse.
  • SPECIAL ORDERS: Please contact us if you'd something like this, but different.

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