Ear Weights / Hangies - Star Destroyers Antique Brass 8mm+ / 0g+ PAIR READY NOW

  • £22.00

Star Destroyer ear hangies 3D printed in brass and PLA (plant-based plastic).

  • Brass and PLA hook size is ~6mm / 2g, but will only fit in naked piercings over 8mm / 0g. They'll fit in 10mm / 00g earskins, and 11mm / 7/16" thin -walled tunnels.
  • One-sided (please see pictures for a view of the backs).
  • Metal used for attaching is antiqued brass and nickel-free.
  • Hand-finished and hand-polished (12000 grit micro-mesh is great for polishing these up).
  • Weight is ~15g per hangy (including hook).
  • Length is ~110mm (including hook).
  • Tunnels are not included.

IMPORTANT NOTES ON PLA: PLA (polylactic acid) is an biodegradable organic polyester-type bioplastic. It is a derived from renewable materials such as corn starch and sugar cane.

After we print, post-process, and treat the jewellery, it has a similar feel to wooden jewellery (or metal, if you choose a metal option), but it should be treated like acrylic jewellery. We recommend these for short-term wear in fully-healed, well-established naked piercings, so be sure to take them out at night. They can also be a wee bit drying in a naked piercing after a while, and because of this we recommend that you give them a coat of jojoba oil or Holey Butt'r (or similar) on the wearable area before insertion.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON ALLERGIES: The jojoba oil and carnauba wax (used as treatment for our PLA jewellery) could be cross-contaminated with nuts and other food allergens when processed at their originating factory. Please remove jewellery immediately if you have any sort of allergic reaction to it.

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